Using Gmail to manage your hosted domain.

Want to your email hosted by GMAIL for FREE ?!

Many of my customers have been extremely happy using gmail as their primary interface when dealing with mail addressed to their hosted domains. Using this technique, emails appear to be received and sent from your domain, but all email management is completed at gmail.

You too, can have this feature for FREE, Google is giving free service for small organisation, check their TOS. If I remember well, it is up to 10 users and 10GB of email account each.

You are required to have a Gmail address to sign up for Gmail for your domain. If you do not have a Gmail account, you can register for one from the link provided below. To learn more about Gmail for your domain, visit:

Once you are approved for Gmail for your domain (which can take 7-10 days), you will need to change the MX records on your domain. This is an ‘advanced’ setting at some registars, so they will give you ample warnings that you can mess this up and not receive any e-mails.

Give it about an hour or two, and you are now live with Gmail for your domain.

The biggest thing you need to do to configure your domain to change the Custom MX.

Do check out this page for FAQ.



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    Free 10GB of email account each for 10 users is very good, especially for a small upcoming business. Some hosting companies are charging not less than £10.00 for the same. Thanks a lot, this very informative.