Linkvana, Post Google Panda – newer SEO tool

Ever since Google Panda, some of the popular one way text link has gone down. Today, I just received an email from Linkvana that they are back with newer SEO tools.

What’s important post Google Panda ?

  • Natural link profile – You need a natural linking profile. This means anchor text variance as well as deep linking. Make your text link as natural as possible, make variants of it.
  • Go Social – Google wants to see sites that are popular in social media and with social activity to verify that you’re a useful, relevant site worth sharing. You can use your credits to buy followers, fans, likes, shares, re-tweets, diggs, stumbles, bookmarks and basically anything else social.
  • Quality Links – low level spammy links have been a thing of the past for a while now. You can get real quality links, created by real people. Safe and effective.
  • Contextual Backlinks – Google loves them and rewards your site for them.

What’s new with Linknava?

  • One way link still works ! –  Linkvana statistic shown Linknava networks of blog still working and over 5 millions pages index is still on. One way link still works and continue to work.
  • With $147 membership a month, you get to use the network (and non network domains).
  • Credits – 80 credits a month added to your account. Spend them however you want. Spend them on blog posts, articles, videos, social media, directories, profiles, facebook fans, top notch web content, etc… You get 80k credits a month to spend on whatever your business needs… for any domain, any URL, no restrictions here. AND the credits never expire, and they DO roll over from month to month. So no pressure to use the system every single month.
  • In summary, Linkvana is linkbuilding *hub* where you can build quality content (videos, articles, press releases, etc…) and distribute it to (youtube, vimeo, prnewswire, ezine articles, high PR networks, social, etc…) and tied together in a dashboard and all under the same roof.
  • Automation (beta) – you set your goal and the system do the rest for you, including article writing and submission.

Limited membership.

Unlike most other network, Linkvana membership is limited, If number of member grows too large, they will STOP ACCEPTING NEW CUSTOMER.  As of the time of writing, they still have slot.

Try Linkvana for FREE for 7 days and $147/month thereafter. Anytime cancellation and links build are permenant.


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    With the introduction of Google Panda update, people stop using automatic tools for linkbuilding and look for white hat method. Now here is good news for those people who are worried about Panda recovery as their favorite tool is not available with updated features according to Penguin and Panda policy so that you can attain top ranking quickly. Its good to read about Linkvana’s new features especially natural linkbuilding.

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    The google panda is the new SEO tool. The google panda tool is used for a natural linking profile. According to panda algorithm the content of website original, they must have the best quality links no spamming allowed and the contextual back-linking. That is good to read about Linkvana’s new feature about back-linking.

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