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HostMonster Review - is a CPanel control panel host. Price from $3.95 with capability to host UNLIMITED domains.

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HostMonster Review

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Read our review and get HostMonster at
Special price - $3.95/month. Via this SECRET link only


Now you can host UNLIMITED websites under 1 account at $3.95 per month on award winning hosting server!

Price: $3.95/month
Size: Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth
Offer: Free domain name and host unlimited domain under 1 account.

Recent Update :-
PHP 5 : Php 4 is now deprecated, Hostmonster is only using Php 5 as default engine. Users can choose between Version 4+ and 5+ from control panel. FastCGI available to Php5 as an option.
Apache : Hostmonster has upgraded all servers to use Apache 2.2.x


  • Hostmonster has been rated #1 on for more than 24 months continuosly. This is the first hosting company that offers UNLIMITED domain hosting as low as $3.95/month. I have more than 20 happy client hosted on their servers.
  • With the use of award winning CPanel control Panel, most of the task can be done from control panel directly, e.g. Adding additional domain, Installing scripts, setting up email address and etc.
  • HostMonster is another company by another reputable host, BlueHost. BlueHost is well known by their quality support, you can expect the same from Hostmonster.
  • HostMonster has only one hosting plan :- $3.95/month with Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Badwidth + unlimited Add-on domain
      A typical one year plan is at $59.40 ($4.95/month)
      A typical two years plan is at $94.80($3.95/month)
      A typical three years plan is at $142.20($3.95/month)
      Note: You can cancel anytime and get prorated refund. Click on Tab on top for more reviews.
  • Control Panel

    Control Panel

    Hostmonster uses a graphical web-based web-hosting control panel called CPanel, designed to make administration of websites easy. The control panel handles all aspects of website administration in its interface in it's Windows XP alike theme.

    Screen shots of Hostmonster Control Panel.


    CPanel is always my favourite control panel compare other control panel like vDeck (used by StartLogic,IPowerWeb,Dot5Hosting). The main strength of Cpanel over any other control panel is it's ability to add-remove domains by yourself and it's auto script installation and upgrade via Fantastico. Most control panel, e.g. vDeck doesn't allow you to add-on domain via vDeck, you have to write in to support to get it done. Other automation includes PGP key creation, email address , ftp logins can be created from this interface too.

    SimpleScript installer. is a tool developed by Hostmonster and BlueHost. It is capable to install/upgrade over 40 popular free scripts in just a few clicks. Popular scripts like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Mambo, PhpBB are included. This service is free to Hostmonster subscriber.

    Fantastico script installer

    The famous Fantastico script installer is part of Hostmonster's cpanel control panel. It helps you to install over 50 freeware/commercial scripts in just a few clicks. Blogs, Portal/CMS, Customer Support scripts, forum/discussion board like phpBB2, Shopping cart, Moodle,Drupal, Wordpress are supported.


    Follow this link for demo


    Special Highlights

    1. Best service host

      I always choose the best service hosting company, not the largest space nor bandwidth. Their online chat support is owesome. Whenever my client is having problem, I will usually head to their online chat support and usually problem solved within minutes !. Keep up the good work, hostmonster support team.
      Related post : Quick support with Online chat - Hostmonster

    2. Host unlimited Domains under 1 account.

      You can host All your domains will share resources allocated to you. That's means you will Unlimited space for all your websites. Each websites comes with it's own www, ftp and mail. As I have mentioned ealier, the adding/removing of additional domain can be done from the control panel directly without contacting support.

    3. Free Domain

      Order for at least one year and get your new domain free for first year. Renewal at $10/month

    4. CPanel

      HostMonster using CPanel, one of the best web hosting control panel. Check out the Control Panel tab for more information.

    5. PHP 5 ready

      You have the option to use PHP 5 or PHP 5 with FastCGI. There is a link on the control which allows you to swap between these 2 mode. If you are not sure which to change, contact support. Remember, their support are very friendly.

    6. MySQL 5 ready.

      You can use PHP to create dynamic website. Or you may use MySQL database to create a database driven application with this hosting plan. The plan comes with 100 MySQL database, it is more than enough.

    7 . 30 days money back guarantee

      Get 30 days money back guarantee or cancel anytime to get a prorated refund.

    8 . New! Free Website Builder.

      This new feature is available from control panel.

    9 . Support Ruby on Rail.

    10 . Domain Privacy.

      This option is available to customer at a free $9.95/year

    11 . New! Free promotional credits.

      Free $100 Google Adwords and many more

    Unlimited Domain

    How to host multiple domains ?

    You can have multiple domains point to the same site or to a directory on your site. When you sign up, just choose the main domain you want to use, and later you can login to the control panel and add the other domains through the addon domains section of the control panel.

    Also, before adding on the extra domains, make sure that you have pointed them to the appropriate name servers (, and with your registrar, and allow them sufficient time to propogate across the internet.

    Example 1. is your main domain. You also own, and you would like it pointed to This is called a 'parked domain', and can be set up through the 'parked domains' manager in your control panel.

    Example 2. is your main domain. You also own, and You would like forwarded to These two domains would be set up as 'addon domains' through the 'addon domain manager' in your control panel. Finally, you would set up a 'redirect' through the control panel, to point to


    Q: How much is it to add an additional domain? OK. They say "unlimited domains," but I assume it is not free. So when i open an account with hostmomster, and want to add 2 more domains to the same account, how much will I pay for each?

    A: If you need domain registration, it is $10 per domain per year. If you already have your domain registerred, it is FREE, just point your domain to Hostmonster DNS.

    Q: What version of MySQL hostmonster is running?

    A: Hostmonster currently runs the latest MySQL version 5.0.45.

    Q: Am I stuck in a contract with you if I sign up for a year? What if I cancel early?

    A: does not stick you to a contract. If you are unhappy at any time, you can cancel and get a prorated refund.

    However, if you get a free domain from hostmonster during signup and leave before your 1 or 2 year agreement is up they will charge you $10 from the remainder of the prorated funds to pay for that domain. The rest will be credited back to the original credit card that you paid with. If you paid via check or paypal, your funds will be sent back to you using that method.

    Customer Review

    Customer comments and review

    I've been hosting with hostmonster for few months and so far the service is excellent. Features are great, connection is great, customer service is responsive. I highly recommend hostmonster.

      - by Rajawali

    Hostmonster isn't perfect but they give me no hassles when it comes to support. The site goes down at times for a minute or two but the staff have it back up quickly. Kudos to the support guys.

      - by John F

    I am happy with most features with hostmonster but just one thing, I am not allowed to send bulk emails. :( - by Britany
    Editor Response : Most good host limit email sending to reserve more CPU resouces to handle web request. If you need to send bulk email, you should look for dedicated hosting.

    Advice from Editor

    I always recommends hostmonster to my customer as first choice because of their GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE and GOOD CONTROL PANEL.

    Their control panel is very easy to use, even for first time user.

    Order a two years plan instead of one year. You can save $2/month with 2 years plan.

    They may have promotions from time to time, check out this link


    Pricing Monthly Fees USD, (Setup Fee)
    12 Months Prepay $4.95 (Free)
    24 Months Prepay $3.95 (Free)
    36 Months Prepay $3.95 (Free)

    Features Details
    Disk Space Unlimited
    Bandwidth/Transfer Unlimited
    Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Server Sides Includes Yes
    Subdomain Yes
    Log Files + Site Stats Yes
    Frontpage 2000/2002 Extension Yes
    Account "Control Panel" Yes, CPanel
    FTP unlimited accounts
    Fantastico Scripts Yes, Included
    Anonymous FTP Accounts Yes
    30-day Money Back Guarantee Yes
    SSL Secure Server Yes
    SSH Access Yes
    Password Protected Directories Yes

    Email Details
    Email Accounts Unlimited
    Forwarding Accounts Unlimited
    Autoresponders Unlimited
    POP3 Email Accounts / Web Based Yes
    Mailing List Yes

    OS and Software Details
    Platform OS Linux
    Control Panel CPanel
    Web Stats Webalizer, AwStat

    Payment Method Details
    Major Credit Cards Yes
    Check/Money Order Yes
    PayPal Accepted Yes

    Database / Script Details
    MySQL Database 100
    PHPMyAdmin Yes
    Perl MySQL DBI Yes
    Ruby on rail (Ror) Yes
    CGI-BIN Yes
    PHP 5 Yes
    Perl Yes

    Server Configuration Details
    High Performance Dell PowerEdge Servers Yes
    Customized Apache Web Server Software Yes
    Dual OC-48 Connections on Diverse Backbones Yes
    Cisco Routers Using BGP4 Protocol Yes
    Daily Tape Back-ups Yes
    UPS Power Back-up, Diesel Back-up Generator Yes
    24/7 Network Monitoring Yes


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