BetterLinux – Better control of your linux resources.

BetterLinux is finally released. This new software product makes linux better by allowing a system administrator to be in complete control of the linux system.

You no longer have to let out of control cpu or disk I/O intensive processes take your system down or slow down other users or more important processes. You can also set alarms that tell you when certain processes or users exceed specified cpu, I/O,memory, processes limits, and many other system activities.

Database admins will be especially pleased to know that BetterLinux can now detect and deal with abusive MySQL queries so that no individual MySQL users/dbs can negatively impact the performance of any server running the software.

Shared server, dedicated server, VPS or even a cloud server, this tool works. Now you have the ability to set IOPs (I/O operations per second) or exact disk bandwidth limits per user or per process. You can also allow bursting to ensure that 100% of the cpu and disks are utilized if you would like it be. It also works great for local storage, network attached and virtual network devices such as NFS, ISCSI, etc. LVM is 100% supported as well.

See intallation guide here.

BetterLinux is currently free until 2013.